Tournament Of Champions

About the Tournament of Champions

Bring together the best of the World Scholar’s Cup with one of the finest universities in the world, and you’ll discover our annual Tournament of Champions, hosted at Yale University.

In some ways, it’s just like the Global Round, except:

  1. You’ll need gloves: it’s in New Haven, Connecticut, in November.
  2. You’ll meet and learn not just from one another but from Yale students and professors, including passionate alumni of the World Scholar’s Cup.
  3. The debates are more challenging, the questions are harder, and the alpacas are larger.
  4. Actually, the alpacas aren’t just larger. They’re alive.

We’re incredibly grateful to our hosts at the Yale International Relations Association and the Yale Debate Association (and the Stone Bridge Alpaca Farm) for making possible this special culminating event of the World Scholar’s Cup season.

Qualified Teams